Asphalt (bituminous concrete)

If the finished product contains asphalt, we do it. We hand lay and plate compact patches and lay 100,000+ sq/ft parking lots with a highway paver. We have the means to finish your project with right pieces of equipment.

We do asphalt. When it comes to asphalt, there is nothing we can't do. Have a rushed timetable, call us, we can probably get your job completed on time. Whether its a highway paver, driveway paver, path paver, or curb machine, we can machine lay your asphalt for an aesthetically pleasing result.
Site work. Most times, site work is code word for proper drainage. Most activities surrounding site work are aimed directly at moving water away from assets. Water is a destructive force, so having appropriate drainage and movement of water is key to preventing potholes and other long-term maintenance issues. From 48" storm sewers buried 20' deep, to a simple channel drain to keep water out of your garage, we can install the appropriate drain structures to accomodate your needs. Protect your investment and make sure drainage is appropriate for your project.
Foundations. Asphalt is a flexible product and concrete cracks - the foundation of your paved area is critical. Parking lots and roads are no different than your homes or commercial structures - your asphalt or concrete pavement is only as good as your foundation. Creating a solid subbase is key for the long-term survivability of your paved surface. Depending on the ground, a combination of different sizes of stone may be appropriate for your project. We maintain and repair a lot of lots and we get to see firsthand the results of poor construction practice. Talk to us about the needs of your particular project.
Base, binder, and surface. Base is the roughest and heaviest of all asphalt surfaces. Base is typically used in roads and commerical parking lots where large vehicles and heavy traffic is expected frequently. Surface asphalt is the fine slicked surface you see the most often. Binder is a heavier hybrid between the two - you get some of the rugged stability of base without the coarse and rough apppearance of Base asphalt.
Asphalt is a flexible product. Gauging the types of traffic you expect to see across your project will impact the type and quantity of asphalt. Experience counts. We fix asphalt and we see the conditions that result in poor performance of paved surfaces over time. Let us assist you in developing a plan to get the most value from your project.
Walking/Cart Paths & Special Projects. We have reconstructed miles of walking path projects all across the Metro area and surrounding counties. We have even installed an extraodinary walking path project for a private homeowner that wanted the ability to workout in the confines of their own property. Bids for walking paths and special projects can be extreme becuase large asphalt companies cannot leverage their resources against the relatively smaller quantity of materials needed where abor and skill are a much larger proportion of the project. These projects don't have to be outrageoulsy expensive. Call us and we can design a project that will provide the functional use you require, aestheic qualities your will enjoy, and the cost you can afford.
Curbs, speed bumps, wheel stops, etc.We can provide the finished touches on your new project. We install asphalt curbs and speed bumps/humps on a regular basis. If you need concrete wheel stops or steel bollards for traffic barriers or traffic control signs, we can do that too. If you have seen it in a parking lot, chances are we have installed it at some point.
Sealing & Crackfilling. Our motto . . "It's not our dumb asphalt." Sealing your paved surfaces on a regular basis is the important to protect your investment from the harmful effects of water. Water tears up your paved surfaces. Sealing closes the pores and repels water. Crackfilling is designed to slow the process of heat expansion and contraction and water damage that has already started to impact your paved surfaces. Private and governmental studies have conclusively shown sealing and crackfilling are cost effective ways to protect your assets.
Striping & Pavement markings. We have years of experience striping parking lots. We've striped the Mall @ St. Matthews, the Oxmoor, and the River Falls Mall - all within a couple weeks time. We can stripe basketball courts, playgrounds, ADA areas, or any other need you have - there's a likely chance, we've had experience striping them.
Thermoplastics. We can install the thermoplastic markings you need. Thermoplastic markings are expensive. However, they last a long time. Depending on the traffic of your paved surface, these markings can last longer than the paved surface. Ask us for a quote on thermoplastic markings.

Concrete ~ Landscaping ~ Site Work

We can handle any project outside your building or home. We don't subcontract any part of your job. One phone number can resolve all your issues.


We can lay your foundations, flat work, or decorative (stamped) concrete projects. There's no end to the tbype of concrete job we can perform. Sealing, regrout a kitchen, or full-sized epoxy or simple repairs, if the project intersects concrete, we have veteran crews.


We provide a full range of landscaping services from new install to general maintenance agreements, irrigation, chemical (pesticides & herbicides) treatments, fencing, patios, decks, walking path surfaces and many other aesthetic/recreational purposes.

Site Work

Whether you need a drain for your driveway or need large concrete drain tiles laid twenty feet below grade, we can handle and help design site solutions to meet the need. We have the people and the experience to build functionality into your project.